I am giving myself a headache deciding on a new phonics program for our new K student.

It's official, I am finally free-ing myself of the last remnants of my Abeka curriculum habit.

It's official, because I offered my books to my S-I-L to use with her kids.

It's official, because now I have to pick something else to use to teach Amie to read.

It's an official headache, because days after I decided on using Phonics Pathways...(it's simple, it's all contained in one book..what's not to like?...) I went to parkday today and had the chance to look over a Sing, Spell, Read & Write kit. Once I got over my fear of the million pieces, I kind of liked it. And Amie really liked it. (sorry, no links, I am on my mac tonight!...)

Homeschool bloggy friends, any suggestions? Anyone use this? Should I stick with simple?

On the bathroom remodel front-

we went today and ordered a new bathtub. A new, whirlpool bathtub...woo-hoo!!

We live in an old house, a tub such as this has been un-imagined in this sort of house. I am so glad that Sky kept all the measurements and specifications in hand, because I could not keep track of it all.

And the poor guy at the home improvement store..he was very patient and professional, as we gawked/ um, looked through the catalogs and tried to figure out what we want/need.

He wrote us all up, told us what all we needed to add to it like drains, pump package, etc...itemized all the prices like we asked, wrote it all down for us, figured out the tax
- and then sweetly did it all again.
Because, In 2 seconds, I picked up a catalog-looked at the cover, and said "Honey, I really like this here.." and hubby looked and agreed, and we had to change out how many sides it had, what kind of tile lip it had/did not have..etc. We then switched to a different model, discussed sides/lips...then switched back to our original choice without lips.

utsa!! (isn't that" lips" in Polish??) I know he thought we were alittle crazy when we began singing the veggie tales "I love my lips" song...

We did order the tub, hopefully it will arrive with the correct rights and lefts...

Next we have to pick out tile. The home improvement guy is going to cry when he sees us back.