memo to self

"Finally, in exasperation I asked myself, "What can I do that will really make a difference in society?"

And the answer led me right back to my own home.
Raising my own children with a Christian worldview was the biggest contribution to society that I could possibly make; giving to the world healthy, holy citizens who would spread their influence in an exponential way that I couldn't accomplish with my paltry efforts alone. My work with my children was the very core of societal change. " -Holly Pierlot, A Mother's Rule of life

As Christian mothers, I think we already know this to be true. Sometimes though, I need to be reminded to be mindful of my moments and to be purposeful with my day.
These words remind me to not look so lightly on my life here at home, and cause me to pause and consider the work I do -or do not do- here at home with the missionary field the Lord has sent me to work.

Will my children run whole-heartedly after the Lord? There is a good possibility that they will not, if I do not.

Will my children abide with Christ in a spirit-led life? Do I show them what a spirit-led life is?

mindful living is my goal this week.