Most events

Most events in life can be
categorized in one of
two ways:

a good time,
a good story.

I saw this little quote in a catalog, and thought that sums up this whole blogging thing, doesn't it?

So, what is happening here at home? Oh, just lots of little things to keep me busy and distracted... Meg has School of Truth this week, that keeps me busy driving her to and fro and picking her up. I am so pleased she is attending, and I am really impressed with the biblical truths being imparted to our young people- I sat in one evening and got to see what they are doing. Tonight in the car, I asked Meg about the meeting and what parts she enjoyed or learned the most from. She shared with me a hymn they had sung, and we discussed the words, meaning and bible passages behind it. Then, she went on to define for me the concepts of justification, redemption and reconciliation. Wow. She told me that she felt like she didn't have a total grasp on justification and redemption, I told her I was glad that she had the definitions and Bible references memorized-that there would be days when she would be able to take the concept out -so to speak, and mull over the definition now stored up inside her, and part of it would 'click' and she would understand a little bit more. The young people and their zeal to run after the Lord really knock my socks off most days.

We went swimming with the OC Sitcom gang. We had a lovely time. I forgot my camera!! So no proof that I actually know them...

Meg doesn't get home from School of Truth until almost 10 every night...and we have a new season of Monk in the house from netflix. It's been a marathon of late nights, I am sooo tired. And nothing to show for it, not even some good, relevant blogging or anything. Just watching our show. Finished it up tonight. Sigh. Now we have to wait another whole nother year to get our Monk fix.

My Tapestry of Grace order came today. Sadly, it was only the curriculum..I am waiting for the book list before I begin ordering books, takes half the fun out of the whole buying-with- abandon-experience. I wasn't even here when the ups guy delivered it. Again, missed out on half the fun. Book packages are like Christmas for me. And oh, the suspense when the big truck rumbles down our street and stops dead smack in the middle of the street. And nothing happens for a few seconds. And you wait, watching...wondering if you are getting a package, or your neighbor across the street. And oh, bliss, you are special! It's for you!
Yeah, it's for sure the little things in life for this homeschool mom.

And my house stinks. Started 2 days ago. I hate stink. We think it is the wood floor in the kid's bathroom. It's been sinking this past year, rotting away-we suspected. I guess the smell confirms it. We live in an old house, these things happen.

Demolition begins Saturday.
I am really glad that hubby is such a handy guy.
I am really glad I get a new, remodeled bathroom out of this.
I sure hope this is the origin of the stink.
It would be a shame to rip out an entire bathroom and the subfloor and still have stink.
Just saying...

Lastly, on the mac front- we don't get to see our apple guru until next week. So, I still don't know what I am doing. I had to flee back to firefox just to function. Still love my mini-mac.
I heart my mini-mac. My heart goes pitter-patter when I think of all the wonderful things we will do in photoshop togther. And i's the big time internets, big time.

So, how was your week?