Loaves and Fish

I am enjoying these thoughts on Matthew 14:14-21... and pondering...

"Here were the disciples, staring at a large crowd, seeing all the needs of the people, and knowing full well they couldn't meet those needs. The only solution they saw was to send the people away. And here I was, seeing the many tasks and needs of my home- for my children, my husband, homeschooling, not to mention myself- and the only solution I could see was to send the children away....."

...."And then it dawned on me. It wasn't the apostles' meager five loaves and two fish that fed the crowds, but their offering combined with the blessing of Jesus. And Jesus was telling me to give Him my five loaves and two fish, my insignificant efforts, and He would bless them, and the needs of my family would be met."

..."At prayer that evening, it dawned on me: the answer to my perplexity about why Jesus had not "helped me as he'd promised....I had to give a full five loaves and two fish-not three loaves, not two loaves. I had to apply all of me to the task and mission I was called to be and do, not haphazardly, but fully, methodically, completely..."

-A Mother's Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot

a thoughtful word for those of us in the homeschool trenches, way burnt out right about now.
This is my new book in my reading basket.