teachers terrify 6th grade students and then laugh

Teachers in Tennessee staged a mock gunman attack on 6th graders during a week long trip. After the 69 children crawled, cowered and hid on the floor crying...the teachers turned on the lights and laughed, revealing it was just a joke. Go to MSNBC Here* to read the article.

I don't know, but maybe a month after the Virginia Tech massacre- maybe this was a bad idea??
Maybe at anytime this would be emotional abuse?? Can we say the words child abuse?? or how about abuse under the color of authority??

Well, now the spin and justifying will begin..and I really have no words for this. I hope the parents of the kids in this school district realize that they are the parents and that they do not have to put up with this kind of abusive meanness. In my mind, it comes down to an underlying presumption by some educational professionals that the kids really do belong to them, and that they hold some kind of superior knowledge and expertise that justifies what they do..because they know best.

I'm wondering about a double standard here too, if a few students had staged this, I am guessing they would be expelled and even arrested.

I really have no words...but I guess I found a few...