Dragons- delight driven learning

We are into all things dragon these days... My 7 year old son is enamored of anything dragon right now. So, what is a homeschool mom to do? Make it a unit study of course!!
(you knew this was coming, didn't you??).

We are currently reading My Father's dragon, and we just finished "Jeremy Thatcher, dragon hatcher". We found "The Irish Cinderlad" at the library- great dragon action here... And purchased this book- "If I had a dragon, si yo tuviera un Dragon" at a book fair.

I found a cute backpack outline *here*, which we used along with "My father's dragon"
- to draw and list 5 things the boy packed in his backpack for his trip.

We added in learning about maps, using The book "Legends & Leagues, or, Mr. Tardy goes from here to there" and the accompanying workbook put out by Veritas press. (the workbook also has several cute projects to do too).

We've done lots of artwork involving our reptilian friends, and wrapped it up with a letter-illustrated of course to Steven Spielberg, suggesting that they get to work on a "Spyro" movie ;because it is Rand's favorite game-cube game, and would, in his opinion, make a great movie. Sypro is a dragon if you didn't guess that already- a small, purple dragon.

Next up on our dragon journey is the book St. George and the dragon, and learning the words to the song, "puff the magic dragon". I'll be sure to let everyone know if Mr. Speilberg writes back.

does anyone know how to find an address to send the letter to Mr. Speilberg? I'm not getting anything on google...