Stuff this week

I just spent the evening watching the Math U See demo dvd. My first thoughts! And then,'s Montessori math explained and improved!! I was really intrigued with Montessori's philosophy of teaching and read much on her and her methods a few years ago. But, I do have to say that the learning curve is very steep with the method, and I just did not have the time to take a course to learn how to teach with her materials. With the Math U See program, I do see a tangible program that I think I could teach, especially with the help of their dvds... Liking what I saw. I might finally be able to break away from my loved/hated abeka. (It's really a disfunctional thing with me...). More thoughts on Math U See in a later post after I have investigated more. But, so far I really liked it.

What our day was like today;

I am really fighting in and out with depression, the last few months have been really bad for a few days, right about that time. This month it hit again. Today I fought the urge part of the day to climb back into bed and curl up in a fetal position. It helped to focus on what I need to do with my kids, I need to teach. We were able to get through our basic table routine of math, handwriting and spelling. Have to admit I did skip phonics with Demi today... We did a read aloud out of 50 famous stories retold and did narrations with all 4 kids. Even Amie did a narration, she is so cute! I had the 3 older kids do an illustration after the oral narrations. (I made the mistake of giving the older two the option of a written narration and/or an illustration, they picked just the illustration, of course-I will not make that mistake again! I am just not at my sharpest right now...) Demi played Jumpstart K on the computer, which has math and phonics. Meg worked on a story she is writing in Word, for about an hour. We had violin and piano practice, the kids played outside. Meg and Josie spent some time teaching the guinea pigs to run an obstacle course (entertaining!) Hubby came home and worked in the garden with all the kids. Darling husband then took me out to dinner at Cheesecake factory, being the wise man that he is-he could see that alittle Godiva cheesecake would brighten my outlook. (that and getting out of the house!!). It was a respectable day in homeschool land. I finished the day reading a story to Demi and Amie at bedtime and then watching the math demo. The day did end on a brighter note than it started.

Just a little look into homeschooling, when mom is not feeling her best...
Update: today-Tuesday, I woke up feeling so much better...I could feel the difference right away. I don't know what it is, maybe the prayers -thank you! or maybe the sunshine...the sun came out yesterday late afternoon and today has been gorgeous, we've had a few days of gloomy weather. Thank you so much for the prayers, I really wasn't sure if I should even post about it, but I am glad I did.