a little dinner in our hum-drum lives...

"She played and sang;- and drew in almost every style; but steadiness had always been wanting; and in nothing had she approached the degree of excellence which she would have been glad to command,..." - Emma

I've mentioned before that I am a little unorganized in thought and habit. It is a problem, I know; tho I manage to keep things moving along somehow. I really have been strongly desiring to get more orderly in life. The two areas I picked this month to work on are getting to bed at a decent hour...ahem, (just pretend you can't see what time I am posting this)..and the other area is planning meals for the week. I did actually plan meals for 6 nights this past week, it is a world record.

This really goes against my nature and childhood training. My mother routinely went to the store and came back with a quart of milk and one roll of toilet paper. This drove my rational husband who was raised in a family with 7 kids-wild. My mom didn't really see a problem, since she would be back at the store in a day or two anyways to pick something else up needed. This is kind of how I operate, I am doing good if I pick up ingredients for two dinners for the week.

My reason for this rambling post, internets (as BooMama would say)-is to ask for dinner recipes. I need to expand my repertoire if I am going to pull off 7 dinners in a row!!
Recently, Joyful days shared a recipe for cheeseburger casserole-it was a big hit! (except that hubby poured salsa all over his...I am thinking I will add some spices next time...)
and I tried the Ritz cracker chicken recipe Cyndi posted over at her blog, also a big hit. So, if my bloggy friends could send me a recipe, or post one over at their blog and let me know...I would be so blessed. -A recipe your family likes, and one that is not too complicated. I thank ye..