Sniffles and late night poetry

Suffering with insomnia here, several days in a row. I am a night-owl sort of person, but being sick, miserable and tired and not being able to sleep-it just stinks. My head is too stuffed to do much deep thinking, so I am sitting up reading Emily Dickinson:

Good Morning-Midnight-
I'm coming Home-
Day-got tired of Me-
How could I-of Him?

Sunshine was a sweet place-
I liked to stay-
But Morn-didn't want me-now-

Tomorrow-today! we have our book club and tea. We will be finishing up Ella Enchanted. I cannot decide on the next book, I have several in mind. Today we did our schooling, then Meg had violin lesson, we dog-sat the neighbor's dog for a few hours. Sky and the kids puttered in the garden-this will be our best garden ever!! We have several sunflowers of various sizes we just re-planted in the front...I love sunflowers, they are so cheerful. Lots of tomatoes growing, peppers, 3 pumpkins!, garlic...lots of fun stuff.

I will leave you with more Dickinson, before I retire to toss and turn...!

Yesterday is History,
'Tis so far away-
Yesterday is Poetry-
'Tis Philosophy-
Yesterday is mystery-
Where it is Today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away