around the house

We hosted our girl's book-club tea on Friday. We finished up "Ella Enchanted" Our discussion ranged from *what part of the story was their favorite? *Did Ella have a good relationship with her father? and give an example that reveals the state of their relationship. * Why didn't Mandy like to reveal that she was a fairy? *And what was the effect on others when Ella attempted to communicate to them in their own language? -Is this something we have experienced ourselves?

This next photo is the state of my kitchen Saturday night after having friends over for dinner. We had a wonderful time fellow-shipping with an old high school friend of Sky's and his beautiful family. We really had a sweet time of fellowship and enjoyed the Lord together. I wish they didn't live so far away!!

The next night we had the bible college brothers over, and my kitchen looked pretty much the same in the aftermath. This picture is of the guys cleaning up, a sight of beauty to behold indeed! Darling Hubby is 2nd on left in brown shirt.

This last picture is of the guys hanging out, playing a game with Meg.

It's been a little quiet here at our blog...I have been pretty sick, and on top of that I have been hit with a bout of insomnia. Last night I was trying to pull a late night working on homeschool records...figured might as well since I cannot sleep anyways... I went to bed sometime after 3 a.m. because I was getting dizzy, and I could not believe it, but I laid there awake for two hours.It was an ugly morning, I must tell you. I took a nap after lunch time, which I am sure will help continue my round of sleepless nights. I really do not know what to do at this point. I have tried tylenol p.m, on top of my heavy duty cold medicine while sick...nothing.
We will see how tonight goes... see you all around the internet my bloggy friends. If you see a comment in the wee small hours, it is probably me, roaming sleepless...