Math that works is outdated, it seems...

This video is a little long, but worth the viewing if you have ever wondered why so many incoming college freshman need to take remedial math classes, or if you know a child struggling with math at school. I was simply astounded..and appalled.

So far in our homeschool, I have taught two of my children the process of division. I was greatful for a logical sequence of steps I could teach them to successfully solve division problems. I can imagine the frustration a child would feel, having to face a page of problems using one of the alternative processes taught to solve them. I am not surprised the teacher manual would emphasize calculator usage. This move in mathmatical pedagogy is not really surprising, if one remembers the abandonment of phonics instruction in favor of "whole language" years ago.

I feel sorry for parents of children in public school who are being instructed in math this way. Truly sorry that after a 6 hour school day, many parents will have to spend the evening after homework is done, reteaching math using superior material that they will have to go out and buy. Or, have to send their children to an afterschool tutor center.

I hope the word spreads on this.