Better than the chicken dance...

link for "thriller"wedding video
Had to link this, have to say my wedding reception was a little blase' in retrospect.

If you are my age, I know you are dancing along in your head.

Did your school cancel classes and show MJ's video in the multi purpose room? Mine did.

yet, another reason I homeschool, because after all, our lunch runs to Mcdonald's after the library are still more educational.

p.s. speaking of chicken dances, I am sitting here at the laptop, facing a wall of windows into our backyard. Every few seconds, a different chicken goes streaking across my span of view with the other 4 hens in hot pursuit. Seems they found a piece of bread and are taking turns plague-ing the life out of she-who-has possession. This has been going on for 5 minutes. They cannot stop running long enough to eat the bread before it gets snatched away, and the chase resumes.
It's just really funny.
I guess you have to be here....

file under randomless musings