working on our goodbyes

I've been a little scarce lately in blog-land. Things have been topsy-turvey since my father-in-law died. We are preparing for his memorial on Monday. I am helping a brother-in-law put together a movie to show at the memorial, and this week has been busy with hunting up and scanning old photos, and watching old home videos, waiting to get back old slides from processing. I have been watching old videos and taping parts of them for our has made me very sad and has been hard to get through. Most of the videos were made around the time I first met my husband, I remember us all the way we were back then. I don't know why it makes me sad, but it has. The house is a wreck, laundry behind, homeschooling has become patchy. I am looking forward to getting through Monday and back to some kind of routine.

I'll be back soon,