What non-homeschoolers may not know...or why my house is a disaster

Homeschooling is very much a lifestyle and as such, it brings along it's own set of dynamics and problems. I know you've noticed the worn down Land's end mocs I have been wearing for the last 3 years (by golly they are soo comfortable!), the laundry that sits endlessly on my couch-never quite folded and put away, and yes I squirm when we have company and I suddenly notice the state of my cupboards, the dust on the shelves, the state of my kid's closets...whatever- you get the picture, I'm sure.
Or this gem, yes, little Demi does not know his address...and yes, he probably should...but I was thinking so hard about teaching him to read and such that I forgot. I know, at age 5 I knew my address, and yes his cousins all know theirs. He does however, know how to say amen and praise the Lord in Russian, Chinese and spanish, knows alot about dinosaurs and emperor penguins, can locate Russia, Holland, the US, several states and continents on the world map and knows alot about composting. When he goes to an amusement park, I write our address on his arm in permanent pen and call it a day.

I loved this post over at Preschoolers and Peace titled "What non-Homeschoolers may not know", she covered it all beautifully. Kendra's website has been around for several years, lots of good tips for keeping the little ones busy. Go on over and enjoy.

I was nodding my head over #6- I have a relative that used to take my two oldest out for the day to do interesting things and then would comment over all I must have accomplished while I had my "break". Um, you left me with the baby and toddler and took the two who actually 'help' me with anything...what break? I need a break from my break now.

go on over and visit!