Sharing my Wondertime enjoyment

Sugar on Snow- my Wondertime Feb/March issue arrived this week, and several articles tickled my fancy. I remember reading The Little House books as a child, and how her detailed descriptions made me feel like I could get right out there in the wilderness or prairie and smoke that hog/churn that butter/maple those get the picture. One such description I always wanted to try was the maple- syrup- on- snow candy she wrote about. Alas, I live in So. California and have no snow-and so have never had the fun of trying this. An 'aha' moment for me was the article in Wondertime, page 62 "Life with little ones" feature. Given is a recipe that is easy to do and suggestions for the "snow", for those of us lacking that essential ingredient.

Great indoor forts- page 75 was also good. I have four kids 11 and under, you do the math on how many forts and fort/sheet variations I have endured. This article test-drove some creations and shared some very innovative ideas. Foam noodles to support sheets- happy thought!! It seems so obvious to me now, looking at the photos..we have endured many a bonked head from books and other heavy items, used to secure sheets, falling.

This issure was really a good one, "Adopting Helen", by Melissa Fay Greene page 66 was very sweet, the photos just spellbinding.

go on over and take a look, or better yet go get the issue and take it to your favorite hiding- from- the- kids- spot, like I do.