Priceless 5 meme

I've been tagged! (sort of) Factor 10 at Did you ever get the feeling? did this meme and mentioned she wanted to tag me, but thought I had a full plate right now. She's so sweet like's got to be because of her name... So here goes, since I was just wishing for a fun meme,

The priceless 5

5- The number of years hubby and I dated before getting married

4 - houses we put offers on in Oceanside, Ca but for several weird reasons did not buy. We figured finally that we were supposed to stay in Orange County, so we did.

3- years we have lived in our current house. (in OC, in case you missed that part-and not in a cool, ocean-y sounding city like we imagined)

2- The number of c-sections I have had

1 - pair of very funky shoes residing in my closet. All my others are boring.

priceless: the way my husband does so many nice things to make me feel loved and cared for, like buying me an ipod because I mentioned I would like one, like making sure I have a diet coke in the fridge for breakfast, like warming my cold hands in his, finally-like the way he puts my picture on his phone and palm pilot as wallpaper.

I am going to tag Lindsey, Cyndi, Tas, and Susanne to play along. Tag-you're it!!