Well, I really don't have anything profound to post on today. Frankly, today finds me trying to play catch up with things, homeschool-wise, and I just haven't had much time to think deep thoughts. We homeschool through a charter school, Friday was our meeting day to look over our progress for the month. I am not your most organized person, at all! -But this month was particularly ugly, after all the upset of guests during the winter training, and Sky's dad dying. Somehow I managed to pull our papers and books together for Friday, but I still had to put it all into some-kind of readable format this weekend and send it in. Whew, as of tonight, that is done! Now, I am left with a pile of papers, workbooks, and library books scattered. It really mirrors the state of my brain right now. Note to self, be more organized! yeah, yeah...blah, blah.. "I'm not listening!"

So, here is a random picture of us today:

Ran to the store cause we were out of a lot. Came home and couldn't fit anything into the freezer. I decided then and there to clean it out. Oh, my sainted aunts!! I am embarrassed to say that I had an entire kitchen bag full of tired, old, who-knows-how-long-that-was-in-there meat and veggies. But, wow-there is so much room in my freezer now! I can actually see what we have! Happy thought!!

Sky and the kids spent the afternoon in the backyard working on the garden. The new, bigger, improved garden plot, thank-you-very-much. Sky enlarged the plot, worked in the compost he has been cooking on this year, and installed bird netting all around it. The hens were seriously displeased.

we had a power outage today, and the funniest sight of the week was seeing Sky, all four kids, the cat, the guinea pigs (out for a cage cleaning) and the hens all scatter for cover when the sprinklers all went on.

I made BLT's for the kids for dinner, because I felt guilty that we were leaving them at home while hubby and I went to P.F. Chang's china bistro for dinner. I don't know why I have this guilt, growing up I seldom went places, didin't expect too, didn't think much of it. So, they got BLT's which they all love...rounded it out with brocolli and cherry tomatoes. And a vitamin. I am all about nutrition.

P.F. Chang's was awesome, we shared won-ton soup and orange-peel beef. The beef was on the spicy side, but oh so good. We have to get the beef, because we are in agreement about not spoiling the orange peel chicken we get at trader joes. Don't want to have a good thing pale by comparison.

We went to Barnes and Nobles afterward, hubby looked at, what-else?, gardening books and I did some heavy, serious reading through magazines. And a chai latte, good stuff!

Perused through Martha Stewart's magazine, I think she has finally lost it folks...first article was all about cutting out and assembling your own valentine's chocolate box. I mean, come on...who is going to sit down and do that?? Truly, it didn't stop with making your own truffles...harvesting and grinding your own cocoa beans, finding the exotic madagascar vanilla to blend it with, dusting them with freshly hand ground powdered sugar and then wrapping them in your own homemade eucalyptus paper-mulch tissue paper...but she had to hand cut and assemble the box too. It's just too, too much...KWIM??

I came home, read a story to my two little ones, and then spent the rest of the night typing up our learning record. I am so glad that is done! Done, done!

A window into my day.
How was yours?