Cutting edge blogging Jenny the late

Because I am so up-to-date on everything, or not...I just discovered that Sheryl declared January 8-12 the official week of De-lurking. So, enjoy the cute button...and comment. I know you are there...hello?

Barb posted on this and put me in the know. We are all about sharing the knowledge. (and it's late and I have nothing to blog about...)

Next in cutting-edge news: I finally moved to new blogger. Because, as Barb pointed out; we don't want to be known as an old blooger. I have to confess that I was dragging my feet only because

a) I am a procrastinator by nature (hubby says I work best under pressure, bless his heart for finding a positive in that somewhere!)

b)I was afraid of losing my blog, or at least losing my sitemeter or photobucket feed and techno-challenged that I am..I would not be able to fix it.

So, I badgered (uh,sweetly queried) husband to copy my template into a word document for safe keeping, tho what I would do with it after my blog crashed is questionable...probably beg Susie at bluebird blogs to help me!
And then we clicked the magic "switch now" button that has been beckoning for months now, the siren song of "new" blogger-strategically placed right where you might accidently click it.
Then I held my breath as the bloger wheel spun round and round...
then, congratulations! It's a blog! And it is all there, every bit!

I do feel silly that I put that off so long, it really was no big deal.