101 in 1001 a truly inspired idea

I first saw a 101 in 1001 list on Lindsey's blog . I really liked the idea and so when Susie designed my blog, I had her place a box on my sidebar so I could do a list too.
Check it out, towards the bottom...you will notice that all it says is "place link here". I know, I know, gotta get mine done! Maybe that should be my first item on the list, -do a 101 in 1001 list.
I really am itching to do my list, things are just really crazy here right now. Actually things are always a little crazy here! In the fall I was trying to get into a groove with homeschooling, so I told myself I would do one before the Christmas season started, then that got all crazy and we had guests...I told myself I would do one for the new year, but that got all crazy too. I am still riding a crest of craziness.

The list is really a nice idea, I like that the time frame is long enough to be doable, but not so vague that you could just forget about it.

Let me know if you start a list, I would love to see it.