Thursday Thirteen 13th edition

Thursday Thirteen #13
Thirteen movie quotes apt to be heard around our house

1. "no lace Mrs. Bennet, I beg you, no lace" -Pride and Prejudice

2. "I don't see that, why should I see that? Why should that be?!"-from the same...

3. "When I have water, I have water, when I have whiskey I have whiskey..." -The Quiet Man

4. "the baby wakes, you turn him on his tummy, go back to bed. he wakes again and you put him on his tummy, go back to bed, the baby wakes and you put him back on his tummy... next thing you know it's 8 a.m and you're winding ducks..." -Bachelor Mother

5. "as long as the pages don't stick together..." -Bachelor Mother

6. "I did it, I did it all!" -Philadelphia Story, with Katherine Hepburn

7. "I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!" -Ever After

8. "Well in body, but considerably rumpled in spirit..." -Anne of Green Gables

9. "I've had such a 'Jonah' day"-Anne of Green Gables (may be just the book..)

10. "You have the com..." -Star trek, The captain says that when he leaves the Bridge..not sure if I spelled that correct.

11. "Pajama time, Pajama time! Open the pajama's, see what's inside" -blue's Clue's..not what you think, we sing that when the kids need to go get pajama's on...!!

12. "That's Eskimo!" -Cheaper by the dozen

13. "Never start a land war in Asia.." -Princess Bride

*quotes might not be exact, from memory...

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