Artist in the house

My Josie created this very cute watercolor...I had to share
I love that my kids love art!

Odds n ends...

I'm working on my holiday gift giving ordering, because I so do not like the malls at this time of year. As a public service I thought I would share a few websites of catalogs I am ordering from: -gardeners supply catalog, cute birdbaths, candles, glass houses, bird feeders, neat stuff. -this catalog is put out by the Chinaberry catalog people, some very unique, pamper-me type gifts, but gotta worn you that there is alot of many paths to God stuff too, but I still really enjoy the catalog and find lots that I like. Planning on ordering the eyeglass necklace holders if they come back in stock-(magnetic clasps-happy thought!), and the comfort cuff pair-heat them up, filled with lavendar-infused flaxseed-my grandmother will love them. because we love books of course! And they do a great job reviewing them. I am planning to order the Alpha Animals boardgame, and some books of course! - more books! They have a special christmas sale catalog, lots of good reviews, and neat homeschool items. Actually, any ordering I do there will be for homeschool! - great homeschool catalog, always thoughtfully done. I am eyeing the widgets sets for my nephew, and some music software for homeschool... Because I am a curriculum junkie.

I also enjoy Heathsong, magic cabin and the museum catalog-but I am too lazy to link at this point...
Rock on!