A typical homeschool morning

Table-work with all four kids-Sky captured this picture of the kids and I doing our normal morning routine at the dining table.

After breakfast, the kids dress and tidy up their rooms and bathroom. Table-work consists of handwriting-the 3 oldest are doing their own levels of Abeka handwriting, Demi-Sky is doing manuscript. Amie loves to join us for a bit, she is doing a little Abeka pre-k handwriting and a lot of coloring/drawing.

Next comes math, Abeka again. Meg usually completes 3 sides of a worksheet a day, Josie completes 2 sides of a worksheet, and Demi usually does one side, on a good day 2. For Demi, I usually get out some kind of manipulative, such as chocolate chips (a favorite), goldfish crackers, or wooden cubes and bars.

On this day, Demi wanted to work on his calendar. He was a little consumed with knowing exactly which days we would be celebrating Christmas-on different days-with the 3 sets of Grandparents. He worked on filling in the days on the page for December and outlining the calendar grid (great handwriting/number writing practice). The picture on the calendar was of children in a village in Africa, we discussed the huts pictured and talked about different styles of houses and different materials used. Demi circled the days in question, and added stickers of presents. We also looked at the month of November and placed a sticker for Thanksgiving in anticipation of all his cousins being down to play with.

While Meg and Josie finish up their work, I work with Demi on his phonics- Abeka, again. After phonics Demi is free to go get a snack and play outside, Amie has drifted off by then to play. During table time I am bouncing back and forth between kids explaining and helping. The bulk of instruction is with Demi however. If Josie is waiting a turn at help from mom, she will usually go to the piano and practice. Josie finished first on this day and then I worked with her on grammar.

Once we were finished with general table time work, we broke for lunch. On this day, we finished up and then went to the park, eating lunch there, the kids played on the playground equipment and I read. Later at home, I read a story from Africa with Demi and Amie, some from a nature book and then Demi was free to play game- cube. Meg and Josie did chores, played with the chickens, then listened to "The witch of Blackbird pond" on tape. I then went out for an appointment, when I came back, the kids were out in the front yard helping dad with yard work. Amie found a dead butterfly and carried it around all day in a small tin pail. (the next day our neighbor helped her identify it in an insect book, she came home with the book to very excitedly show us).

Our day chronicled here was a Friday, a typical day, some days we cover more subjects, but this is the base I build on each day. Described is our routine in time to my "gypsy ways", I do really desire a more structured routine-I'll let you all know when I achieve it! Our kids are happy, are progressing, and do many interesting things, play well together and occupy themselves alone. They love to read. All in all we are very happy with our homeschool adventure.