Thursday Thirteen edition #11

13 benefits of having more children then most

1. 3 words: hand-me-downs

2. buying in bulk at warehouse stores...and using the food up before it goes bad

3. the sweet, happy view sitting at your dining table

4. the ultimate fun-naming a baby

5. your pediatrician's office staff recognizes your voice right away on the phone

6. deductable? No problem, you meet it by March

7. Your pediatrician gives you the really big bottle of whatever...she knows everyone will need it.

8. One asthma nebulizer machine's price, when averaged out among at least 3 kids suddenly seems a bargain.

9. You have at least 3 kids with asthma, plus the usual ear infections, are your local pharmacist's favorite customer, and he bought you a Christmas gift.

10. You amuse the pharmacy staff greatly when you walk in, fan 10 prescriptions like a hand of cards and tell them "pick a card, any card..."

11. when faced with any hot-button parenting question at a 1st time mom's baby shower, instead of stiring debate, you honestly reply that you can't remember anymore what you did with your babies.

12. once you survive three, you now have lots of hands for chores and helping

13. thinking up great replies to the very rude comments thoughtless people seem to feel free to make (usually in front of your kids) such as "don't you know what causes that?", "better you then me" "are you done yet?" "are they all yours?" My favorite replies: *"yes, and we are very good at it!", *"birth control is for wimps", *"yes, I have my hands full-full of blessings".

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*graphic courtesy of the world according to me