Dr. Phil's great homeschool un-debate

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Dr. Phil's axe piece on homeschooling is scheduled to air this Friday. There is alot of talk about this show in homeschool circles.

Kristen wrote a thoughtful piece on her blog about her experience applying to be in the audience that day, and also some thoughtful background on other hit pieces Dr. Phil has done and insight into his methods. Her account includes behind-the-scenes details of audience manipulation (they brought in busloads of school students and teachers to pack the audience) and the bait-and-switch tactics the show used to lure homeschoolers to participate. The families who agreed to be on the show did so imagining a fair introduction of what homeschooling is, and discussion of homeschool styles and methods to be on the agenda. They were unaware of the title of the show until they arrived. "Debate" was not what happened, however. Go here to read her account. Homeschool mom, Jane, was also at the show that day, here are her comments and observations go here.

Thank you, spunky homeschool for listing these bloggers all in one place. Spunky is the place to go for education and homeschool news. California homeschool network also has a discussion happening about the show. Go here.

I hope anyone who is interested in homeschooling, or who is planning on commenting to homeschoolers about the show-would first seek out a few homeschoolers and ask them about their lifestyle and methods, maybe read a few informative books such as: Homeschooling; a patchwork of days by Lande, Educating the whole-hearted child by Clay Clarkson, The conspiracy of ignorance by Martin Gross, Teach your own by John Holt, and of course...The underground history of American Education by John Taylor Gatto. Homeschool magazines are also a great window into homeschooling, a favorite is The Old Schoolhouse. I hope that anyone looking to form a strong opinion would not let a very short, obviously biased, television show form it for them.

We are so very blessed that we live in a country where parents are free to choose the best education for their child. And really, we do want a good education for our children. I don't know any homeschoolers who are aiming at having their adult children live at home forever because they cannot hold a job. Really. We want them to go to college and get a job, and do their own laundry and buy a house. Really.