Thursday Thirteen #6

Thursday Thirteen!
13 Things about Demi-Sky

1.Demi's middle name is Matthew (and his name is not really Demi...)

2. Demi would play game cube all day if we would let him.

3. Demi is very into superheros, Spiderman is his favorite-he wants to be a superhero when he grows up, to that end he strives to eat vegetables everyday, for muscles of course.

4. He loves to look at Calvin & Hobbes comics, he reminds us of Calvin...

5. I saw falling stars all the time while I was carrying him so I decorated his nursery with stars.

6. He is our third with Asthma, 3 in a row-I get some-kind of prize, right??

7. Demi's best friend is his sister Amie, who is 3 years younger.

8. His next best friends are his cousin Joshua, and his friend Joey.

9. For his 7th birthday he is asking for a skateboard

10. Demi loves Chuckie Cheese and doesn't get why mom won't go... (dad does that honor)

11. We call him "boy", "the boy", "the boy wonder", and "son of thunder", besides "Demi". (oh, and "snack-man" because he asks for snacks every five minutes.)

12. Demi loves baseball, The Anehiem Angels are his favorite team.

13. He was really into wishes, now he is into prayer. His top prayer request is a little brother. He has already picked out a name.

14. He is so sweet to his mommy. (sorry, hard to stop at 13)

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