Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things about our Amie

1) She is the baby of the family

2) She was our biggest baby at birth- 10lbs. 2 oz.

3) She is our miracle girl because she was delivered cesarean after it was determined she was not going to drop...The Dr.'s found the cord wrapped so tightly around her neck she had a mark.

4) Amie's middle name is Stella, for her grandmother. The spelling of her first name was a compromise between her daddy and I. I wanted the french spelling, he wanted the traditional 'y' ending...'ie' was the compromise.

5) Amie was born with two heart defects. VSD ( a hole in her ventricle) and Aortic bicuspid valve. (she had a bicuspid valve where she should have had a tricuspid)

6) Amie is our miracle girl because at one year of age, after her second echocardiogram-we were told she was fine and that we never had to come back. The only explanation was the first team of Dr.'s must have read her tests wrong up untill then...and, when I called with the news-her grandfather told me what I was going to say before I said it. The grandfathers had been praying for her.

7) Amie is our princess girl. She loves 'princess stuff', and during toddlerhood when she should have been asking to watch Blue's Clues over and over again, she kept asking to watch Ella Enchanted. She often looked in the mirror, flipped back her long hair and said "I Ella" !

8) Her brother Demi who is 3 years older than she, is her best friend

9) Her favorite breakfast is a fried egg and a waffle

10) When Amie was a toddler, she would say to me, "mommy, mommy, mommy!" So I began saying to her "Amie, Amie, Amie!" and I still do.

11) She does a very good impression of 'Spirit' the horse (from the movie)

12) The best way to coax her to do something is to let Demi do it/have it first...

13) She mis-pronounces Demi's real name, and is so very sweet and very hugable. (o.k, I cheated, that is more than 13...

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