10 Random Facts about me-Meme

I was tagged by Becca at And Together we learn for this meme. So, here goes...

10 Random things about Me
1. I am half mexican. I look like my mother-light skinned, blue eyes. My sister looks dark like my dad. (I hate beans tho, go figure!)

2. When I was 9 or so, I received a real unicycle for a present. I learned to ride it well.

3. I love chocolate. My favorite snack is ghiradelli bittersweet chips right out of the bag.

4. I met my husband at a high school Bible Study at the beach when we were 16

5. I wanted to be a pediatric nurse and took anatomy and physiology in college. I volunteered at a children's hospital too. Realized I couldn't handle blood and yukky stuff...And a good thing too, I couldn't clean my baby's umbilical cords!

6. I took french in high school. I live in So. Ca, spanish would have been more useful... I can say "I don't know" in french with flair, however.

7. My favorite poem is "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Elliot. And I still don't know why...

8. I collect old Grace Livingston Hill novels (first editions), they are not really great literature, but they are sweet, Christian, always a Jenny ending, and I love to read them while eating. (finally figured out it was because she talks about food so much...)

9. I have a medical problem with the circulation in my hands and feet. My hands are always cold, I usually wear gloves in church. In California...even in summer. (I wear big fluffy socks to bed too)

10. My husband is my best friend. I don't like to do neat, interesting things without him. We order the same thing at restaurants, and we are usually thinking the same thoughts and surprise each other with that...the thoughts are often random and not obviously tied to what we are doing, such as "I would love to be sitting on a beach right now" or "we should give so-and-so a call." It's funny cause his mind is so much more logical than mine, and we do like many different things, but we are such good chums too.

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