Did you change your hair or something?

Have you noticed something different? Ah, come on, admit it...you did notice my new "do".

Susie at Bludbird blogs designed this beautiful blog for me. This is very different from the old look, much more 'me'. The old look was, well- it was what I ended up with because I have no idea at all, what I am doing -here in computer/blogland. It was the template I ended up with somehow. So, I noticed some of Susie's creative handiwork around blogdom and I asked her to make me beautiful. She has been great to work with, so very patient with all my questions and constantly changing ideas of what I wanted. I was kind of like a kid in a candy store at first, "I'll take one of these quote boxes, and some floweres, and a reading list box, and by the way, can you grab some linky-buttony-thingys for me cause I have no clue how to do that..."

Susie is having a contest at her website for two people to win a free blog design. If you have a blog and mention the contest and link, she will enter you 5 times. I'm not entering, 'cause' my design is brand-new-but I wanted to tell everyone about her. Go to her site here.

I will be playing with the boxes in the margins in the next few days, I seriously don't know what I am doing, so pretend you don't notice if things look a little clumsy for a few days. Hopefully I will not crash my whole blog... Susie said she'd help, I'm sure I will need it.
I'm off now to play with my new toy...er-to do some serious blogging...