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every boy needs a hero

Truths wrapped in a fun tale can reach a boy’s heart and catch them in unguarded moments of reflection.  A story told well is my favorite teaching tool….

Mothers of Boys
I am writing today over at Moms of Boys Society about finding leadership role models through great literature.

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…For your consideration:  if you fudge on your child’s birth date so he can have a facebook page, are you chipping away at your own integrity in his eyes?  Does the end result (a fun facebook page) really justify the means (dishonesty)?  If you sneak snacks into the movie theater, even though a sign at the entrance says “no outside food or drink?” what are you teaching?
Everyday, as parents, we are faced with these tiny, little choices.  These tiny little choices will add up to a weight of truthfulness and integrity.

Integrity for our boys will not start in college, when he decides whether or not to cite a reference for a term paper.  I’ve learned that integrity starts at home, with the little eyes that are always watching me.

I am writing today at The Mothers of Boys Society about integrity.  Click over to read the entire article.

I Spy {someone is always watching me} M.O.B. Society


Safely His- A Moms of Boys post

Intellectually, I knew my children belonged to God, but this situation showed clearly that in reality, I still had a very tight hold on them.  There was a door I needed my heart to walk through…

I am writing today at the Moms of Boys Society about trusting in God’s protection.
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My boy stood in front of me as his father told me about our son’s testing for a new belt.  Waves of excitement were rolling off my son.  The story was told, my son’s great feats had been re-counted…but something more was needed.
My boy was waiting for something more…

Do you realize the power of your words?  I am writing today over at The Moms of Boys society, click over to read the rest.

The Power of Words- M.O.B. Society


I love fresh starts, and I love being a homeschool mom- because I have two fresh starts every year.  Each Fall brings a new school year- new plans, new books.  But, each January also brings me the traditional fresh start/ new beginnings.  I’ve found that January is the perfect time to re-evaluate what we are doing in our homeschool; what is working, what is not, what I need to actually open and use…

 I am writing today about A Fresh Start for your Homeschool over at
the Mothers of Boys Society (M.O.B. Society)

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…Would *she be there? -(The little red-headed girl). Every other sentence began with anxious questions about when we’d see her again, would she be at such-n-such place…?

His Dad and I looked at each-other with bemused expressions. I was wondering- “when did this happen?” and, “help, I’m not ready for this yet!”…

So, moms- are you ready for your boy’s first crush?

I’m writing about such a mom moment over at
The Moms of Boys Society -M.O.B. Society today

*The Little Red-Headed Girl @ The M.O.B. Society

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