Daybook, Monday November 2

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For today; Monday, November 2

Outside my window I see a crisp blue sky.

I am thankful for my family.

From the learning rooms I seem math books we are finished with, a large map we used, and the huge pillow and blanket fort the younger kids have made in our front-room.

From the kitchen the kids are eating turkey and roast beef sandwiches with granny-smith apples. 2 little girls from across the street are sitting at the table with them, coloring.

I am wearing brown capris and a brown/white blouse and mary janes.

I am creating maps and such for our Classical Conversations class tomorrow.

I am going out for date night this evening with Sky. We are going to Claim Jumper and then to Barnes & Nobles. (we like to share dinner there, the food is always way too much!)

I am reading
Colossians, because I am listening to podcast messages on it while I walk in the mornings. Keep The Lights Burning Abbie with Demi, The Way Westward with Amie and The Beginners Bible and A child's history of the world with all 3 littles.

A thought I am enjoying "We need to let the peace of Christ dwell in us. There is no problem with either the peace of Christ or with the word of Christ. The problem is with us, in particular with our allowing these things to work in us....Perhaps you have not realized the need for the peace of Christ to arbitrate within you and for the word of Christ to make home in your heart. If we let the peace of Christ work in us and the word of Christ dwell in us, we shall be proper Christians. Instead of our preference, we shall have Christ's arbitration. Instead of our opinion, concept, thought, and estimation, we shall have Christ's word." -Witness Lee, Life study of Collossians message 29

I am hoping that my sinus headache will go away and that the dog is not sick, hopefully the mess on her rear is something she sat in...

I am hearing the kids talking and someone practicing piano.

Around the house, we were enjoying an extra clean house since we did major fall cleaning all day Sunday. Sadly, by 3 p.m it doesn't look so clean anymore. Sigh. The big girls are giving the dog a needed bath, Sky has taken the week off work and is making me shelves for the dining room.

One of my favorite things is actually having all the laundry done, this never happens.

A few plans for the rest of the week; date night, yeah! Teach at Classical Conversations, actually stay with my school schedule this week...go to bed early, bread pudding!

Daybook, Monday March 9

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For today; Monday, March 9

Outside my window I see the lovely poppies in my neighbor's yard.

I am thankful for my thoughtful husband.

From the learning rooms I see finished creative writing projects from the 3 littles. They used similes to describe an animal. I also see the stack of math and grammar books that Meg and Josie used this morning.

From the kitchen we are enjoying roast beef sandwiches on sheepherder bread and fresh fruit for lunch.

I am wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and my chicken-farmer's-wife shoes.

I am creating all about spelling card files for the 3 littles...a paper cutter can be such a nice thing!

I am going out for date night this evening with Sky. We are going to The Cheesecake Factory and then to Barnes & Nobles.

I am reading Brisignr and I am enjoying it almost as much as I did the first book.

I am hoping that the New Sonlight catalog arrives sooner than later, so I can order some things for Meg.

I am hearing the kids finishing lunch and laughing.

Around the house, we are enjoying a clean house as a result of having the bible college boys over for dinner last night. The house is still 'company' clean, let's see how long that lasts?!

One of my favorite things is the silk flower branches I brought home from Potter Barn, they are very nice to look at.

A few plans for the rest of the week; take Teddy to his tutor session today, maybe take the kids to Disneyland on Wednesday, plant the poppies Sky bought for me.

Here is a picture-thought I am sharing...
Tree blossoming in our front yard, with a backdrop of cloudy sky.